Popads.net Review – Scam or Legit?

One motto of webmasters and bloggers is making money through their contents. And in this regard there are a lot of publishers networks are available in the market. Every webmasters (including myself) wants to join high payable ads network like Google Adsense or Media.net. But entering in these networks are toughest work so far due to their rules and payment threshold.

PopAds.net solves your all problems whether it is a matter of payout threshold, easily entrance, Payment Gateway etc.

Popads.net is one of the best advertising network for entertainment websites. With Popads.net you can expect decent amount from your blog if your blog traffic is high. PopAds.net accepts both adult and non adult sites. This ad Network comes handy when all the other advertising networks are rejecting your blog. CPM rate of PopAds.net is best when compare to PopUnder/Up Ad networks. PopAds.net offer a CPM rate of around 4$ for every 1000 visitors as said by them. PopAds.net offers two ways to get payment for its publishers, Paypal and Payza,also accept Payoneer now. Their minimum payout is 5$ and you can expect instant payment.(No need to wait for 15 days or 30 days to get paid).

PopAds.net provides you pop-under ads that has its own benefit. At the time of writing this article I am also using PopAds.net. Let’s examine its pros. and cons.

It is a legit and and not a scam publisher network. It provides Pop-under Advertisement so it does not occupy your webpage space. You can use the space for some other networks. It supports 10% referral income that is bonus. Ads are clean and fast. Stats are delay only 2-3 hours, But many browser block pop-up and pop-under. It would not be a big issue because it is not occupying your webpage space. So whatever you earn, can be considered bonus income.
If any pop-under occurs with the same IP (internet Protocol) of Website owner, ads won’t be displayed.

Pros and Cons of PopAd.net Ad Network
1)Minimum payout is 5$
2)Instant Payment (within 24 hours)
3)Most of the websites will get approved.
1)Very low CPM rate for Indian Traffic
2)Not all the impressions are counted

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