How to get bitcoin from bitcoin faucet

Bitcoins are all over the headlines, but did you know there are websites that pay out “free” Bitcoins for visiting them or doing tasks? They’re called Bitcoin faucets, and they’re a great way for you to get into Bitcoins without mining, winning it through playing online poker with Bitcoins, wiring money to a Bitcoin exchange, or buying through LocalBitcoins.

Before we get to the faucets, Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency—I penned a Bitcoin primer a while back if you’re looking for more information. Bitcoin faucets aren’t going to make you rich, but these are faucets I can personally attest pay out when and how they say they will as I’ve collected 0.57 BTC from them.

Most of these faucets work by paying out tiny fractions of a Bitcoin in exchange for loading a page full of ads or for watching videos. I’ve also listed sites that pay Bitcoins in exchange for doing crowd-sourced tasks.

I’ve broken the list up into several sections: My Favorite Faucets, The Microwallet Collection, Other Faucets, and Faucets with Caveats and Warnings.


  • A satoshi is currently the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin, or 0.00000001BTC. 1,000 satoshis would is 0.00001000BTC.

You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, either a standalone client-side wallet or a wallet from a service like

For Dogecoin faucets, download the Dogecoin wallet.

For trusted bitcoin faucet sites, click here.


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