Get-Paid Review – Scam or Legit?

Get Paid, found online at, is an online market research company that has been offering people a way to earn extra money from home just by “giving their opinion” since 2005.

This website gives people the ability to earn money from home by completing basic market research tasks, and providing them with virtual “coins” in return. These coins are an online currency, and are not equivalent to real money.

People who are interested in the opportunities this website has to offer can sign up for an account completely for free, and receive bonus coins as soon as they activate their account.

How It Works

Once users become members, they can begin earning coins by going to the “Earn Coins” section of their site and choosing any task to complete, such as online surveys, watching videos, playing certain games, and more.

Users can also “Win Coins” by competing in monthly contests, member competitions, or playing members’ only games. In addition, the longer you are a site member, the more XP, or experience points, you earn. The more XP you have, the more coins you earn overall.

Once you have collected your coins, users can go to their online Store and choose an item to redeem their coins for. If no item appeals to you, you can choose to simply cash out your coins to your PayPal account.

Is Legit?

The market research industry is not only legitimate, but also one of the oldest forms of earning extra money in your free time. According to, all businesses today are data driven, and using these online market research communities is one of the easiest and fastest ways of collecting this data and receiving real customer input.

Businesses pay Get Paid for access to their online community, and when you complete the surveys and tasks required by these businesses, Get Paid compensates you using a percentage of the money they have been paid.

While their set up looks very ethical for an online market research company, users should still be aware that some offers will ask you to sign up for things, download software, or participate in other tasks that you may not be comfortable with or which may lead to communications and sales efforts in the future. It may be beneficial to users to consider this when they fill out email or phone number information to this site.

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