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Bitbond Review: My Bitcoin Lending Test

I did a little digging to find out which platform offered the best service, and decided to go with Bitbond, after I noticed they had been featured in Lend Academy. They specialise in bitcoin loans for small businesses. This is a p2p lending sector that is growing fast and one that I find particularly attractive.

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Livecoin is a bitcoin and altcoin exchange that offers a trading between a range of currency pairs, including multiple fiat currencies. On most exchange websites you only have the option to trade altcoins against BTC, which can make things a lot more complicated when calculating profit and loss, and also adds a layer of unnecessary

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Localbitcoin Review – Scam or Legit?

Known as the ebay of bitcoin, Localbitcoins is a service matching bitcoin buyers and sellers within close proximity to one another, facilitating person-to-person transaction. Local Bitcoins provides an escrow service to ensure online transactions are executed fairly, and provides reputational scoring based on feedback. Localbitcoin is often the best solution for bitcoin trading in jurisdictions

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