Review – Scam or Legit?

Adfly ( ) is website related with advertising world. The main concept of is a free URL shortener and they will pay you per view wherever you post those shorten links. is free to join and free to work, completely free program from which you can earn money. It also have refferal program which helps you to increase income from the commissions of the work done by your referrals.There are many ways to earn from which we are going to explain it here. program details

In, you can earn by shortening your links of anyhthing like your wesite, youtube videos, images, web content, facebook pages, files etc. and sharing that shortening link anywhere online. When people visit your those shortened links, you get paid. And to do this you can join this program completely free and there are no any charges or upgrade fees.

In, you can earn a very decent amount of cash on auto-pilot if you work hard in the beginning. You can’t earn money on the first day. There are not such program which can make you earn money without doing hard work in the beginning. But if you follow our advices, and methods and finding your own new methods, you can earn very good income from adfly. Adfly is a great website to make money online. The professional users who have good enough knowledge of promoting web content, youtube videos, facebook post etc, they can earn money very quickly in Cause if you are already getting traffic to your links, then just shorten that link in adfly, and post that shorten link from, and just make money. is also good for the people who have thousands of facebook friends and more good to those people who already have high fan following in their facebook page.

But even if you are just a beginner then we suggest you to learn 1st how to make your free website, how drive traffic to your website or facebook page and then can work in To learn this wealthy affiliate is best program. So we suggest you to join and work in wealthy affiliate before you join in Click HERE for the details about wealthy affiliate program and to join it.

Following are the examples about how to make money in

1) The most good way to make money with is by posting your link in social sites like facebook. weibo, forums, your blog or website if have.

Instead of direct posting your photos or videos in social site like facebook, 1st upload your pictures in photobucket, tinyurl, or whatever photo sharing site, upload your videos in youtube or youku or whatever video sharing site of your choice. Then copy and paste the link (URL) of those pictures and videos and then paste it in to shrink the link. When you get the shrink link of those pictures and videos, paste it in your facebook, twitter, weibo, forums, your blog or websites or even sharing them with friends. Don’t only paste just the link, make it attractive by writing something about what people can view when they click that link.

For example if you are posting some videos, 1st put one picture of that video and then write like this “if you want to see this video as in picture please click this link:-………..”

NOTE:- When people click the link, then 1st advertisement page will come and after 5 second of that page, on the top right corner of the page “SKIP AD” yellow button appear, click that yellow “SKIP AD” button to view the main page of videos and picture as per post.

We recommended you to write this NOTE so that people will not get confuse about how to view the pictures and videos posted by you using shrink link.

So how you earn by doing this?

Well! you will earn when people view your post which you post using shorten link as describe above. More people view your post, more money you will make from If you already have high traffic website, lots of facebook friends, lots of facebook fans page, then you just can post anything you want to show in your website using link, you will get money when people click and view your each and every post using link.

2) If you have your own high traffic site, then make some attractive banners about anything, and link that banner target url with shrinked link from Make sure your banner has something special so people will like it, anything like funny pictures, eye cache graphics etc. As you know more people click your banner, more you will earn.

If you not have website and if you want to build your free website, and want to learn how to drive traffic to your website, then join wealthy affliate program before you work in You can join wealthy affiliate program by clicking HERE

How to earn more in

You can earn more money in by simply referring new members using your referral links to You get 20% of whatever they earn for LIFE and your referral can earn doing same thing which you are doing in You will get more commission from each advertising order make by your referral. So if you know someone who want to advertise their website then refer them under you and earn money from the advertisement purchase by them. is high traffic website, so advertiser will get lots more benefit from it and advertising price is also cheap comparing with the traffic numbers they provide.

Free to join or need to pay?

As we mention above, is completely free to join and completely free to work for lifetime.

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